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Fundraiser For the New Jersey Special Olympics

Fundraiser For the New Jersey Special Olympics

Help your local Spotswood Police Department compete in this years Snowbowl Event, a fundraiser for the NJ Special Olympics!!

For the past three years the Spotswood Police Department has competed in the NJ Snowbowl Fundraiser to raise money/awareness for the Special Olympics. Each Officer donates and dedicates their day to this amazing cause.

In addition to playing and helping the very deserving athletes of the Special Olympics, we also play in honor and memory of Jeff Szatkowski and Nicole Surace, two Spotswood High School students who actively participated in Football and Cheer. Both of these two young adults lost their lives during a motor vehicle accident in December of 2013. As a department, there is no better way to dedicate our play for a past football player and cheerleader. The number 7 along with their initials will be represented on each sleeve to honor the two for what happened on that dreadful night. Join Spotswood Police in honoring the two young adults who had so much to live for but will be missing out on.

Portion of the money raised is donated in their name. Please help us make this event possible by clicking the link below and donating. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!


To donate just click the PayPal button on the right.

Event Info:

March 4-6th, 2016 at MetLife Stadium

Please note picture is from a prior year’s event.


Pizza With The Police

Pizza With The Police




November 19th, the Spotswood Police Department hosted “Pizza with the Police” at the Spotswood Police Headquarters. There was free pizza, a Q & A session with the officers, tours of the police department as well as equipment demonstrations! Hope everyone had a great night!  Below are a few pictures to see more check out our facebook page at . Just click on the link or cut and paste the URL into your Web browser.




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