Dodge Addiction Fundraiser for Addiction Awareness

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 91 Americans die from opioid overdose per day… and the rates, continue to rise. Let that sink in! On almost a daily basis, the Police have been placed on the front-line, in charge of combating this epidemic at the ground level. As pictured in this post; many citizens do not agree with how cases involving opioids are handled, they see the outcome, not the story. Positioned on the frontline of this growing tragedy, the Police do all that they can do to help with the outlets that are currently available to them.

This fundraiser will give the Spotswood Police Department another outlet to help fight addiction by raising money for The City of Angels NJ, Inc (a non-profit organization). Along with City of Angels, we will form a partnership and be on the frontline together in joint effort to help diminish the growth of addiction and death. This new partnership will offer immediate assistance to those in need, whether this be an individual who has overdosed, one who is suffering from an addiction and/or a family member that just needs the support.

The City of Angels works with anyone needing help regardless of whether they have health insurance. There are no monetary charges for their services, including interventions, recovery support, programs and activities. Every donation to this fundraiser will be dedicated to help The City of Angels advance their services and will truly strengthen our partnership moving forward. Providing the overall best service to our community is not only our duty, but also our goal. To all those who believe we may or may not do enough… We value your opinions and have utilized them as a catalyst, to initiate a proactive police approach toward opioid addiction. Every comment counts. We are confident we can put a halt to this growing epidemic with your support and continued help!

This event is to help raise awareness for Addiction, which is a growing tragedy that affects our Country. The Spotswood Police Department, South River Police Department and City of Angels NJ, Inc, will partner together to raise money for addiction awareness and further recovery programs/activities.

This event will be held at Sportika Sports in Manalapan and will include free food, recovery support, job support, free vendors (various) and guest speakers who are currently in recovery and have had success in their journey with City of Angels! Those who compete on a team will receive an event T-Shirt and Sweatband! Tournament winners will receive a trophy.

We will never lose sight of the goal ahead with your help. By spreading the word, donating, spectating and/or competing, we will strengthen the treatment that those in recovery/seeking recovery need in order to help them stay the course.

We posted a link to DROPBOX which contains the event flyer, waiver and dodgeball rules. Feel free to print them, distribute them and make this event a success.

The WAIVER should be printed out and either mailed or dropped off at the Spotswood Police Department Headquarters. Make sure to write your Team Name where applicable so we can add you to the correct roster! If there are any issues with the DROPBOX just let us know!

Quick event breakdown:
$50 Registration fee to secure spot (part of $200 fee)
$200 fee per team
Free for spectators (just asking for a donation) Every little bit helps, but if you are unable to donate, no worries, all are still welcome free of charge.
Opening Ceremony – 5pm
Tournament Start – 530pm
Vendors arrive – 6pm
Event ending – 10pm

We look forward to a successful event and an even more successful combatant to this epidemic!

Thank you to South River Police Department for joining forces with us in effort to combat this epidemic. Also, Sportika Sports for being our first sponsor and agreeing to host this amazing event! More details to come! Spread the word! Together we can make a difference.  Visit our Facebook page for more and updated info.