Dear Friends & Neighbors,

As members of the Spotswood PBA Local 225, we made the choice to work in a community where we feel we can actually make a difference. We choose to work in an environment where we have a greater positive impact on residents and can create a relationship with you on a more personal level. This relationship makes it easier for us to integrate into the community and become friends and neighbors with the people we serve.

Our bond with the community plays as an important tool in crime prevention and detection as we work hand in hand to keep Spotswood a safe and friendly town.  In the current climate of crime, drugs and poor police/community relations, it is not only a privilege, but also an honor to have such an outstanding connection with you.

Our relationship with the community spans far beyond the common goal to suppress criminal activity in our town. Each year the members of Spotswood PBA 225 sponsor, support and participate in a wide array of community programs and charitable events.

Each year the Spotswood PBA Local 225 sponsors National Night Out and the Junior Police Academy. National Night Out affords us the opportunity to give back to you. It provides us the forum to introduce ourselves not only as police officers but as people.

The Junior Police Academy gives the youth a chance to be better acquainted with our officers. They are able to gain insight into our training, policies and procedures. Once completed the participants leave with a general understanding of what it may be like to be a police officer.

Other events and programs that the Spotswood PBA Local 225 also participate in, contribute to and/or financially support include, the Special Olympics, the annual Bike Rodeo, DARE, Senior Citizens Breakfast, Neighborhood Watch and Coffee with a Cop to name a few.

Spotswood PBA Local 225 has made it our #1 priority to protect, serve and give back to our community. Under my leadership we will continue to work with you as your friends and as neighbors, keeping our community safe. Additionally, we will continue to make charitable contributions, sponsor and hold events that help bring our community closer together.

E X E C U T I V E  B O A R D


Nelson Nichols


Kevin Palmer


John Pfeiffer


Richard Drude


John Berlingieri


William Desrosier

S P O T S W O O D  M E M B E R S

John Berlingieri

Philip Corbisiero

William Desrosier

Rick Drude

John Fedak

Steven Gallo

Michael Gardini

Les Genovese

Michael Genovese

Scott Hoover

Nicholas Mayo

Nelson Nichols

Kevin Palmer

James Parsons

John Pfeiffer

Richard Sasso

Edward Schapley

Michael Zarro

Brandon Nemes

Glen Pacyna

Adam Sabatino


Howard Messler

Chad Lockman

Eugene Scheicher Jr.

Devon Gannon

Michael Baltazar

Kyle Worster

Sean Signorello

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